• Myrtos Beach
    The Myrtos Beach is the trademark of Kefalonia. There is not one person in the world...
  • Xi (Ksi) Beach
    The Xi (or Ksi) Beach is another well-known and at the same time beautiful beach of Kefalonia, located 8 km...
  • Skala Beach
    Skala is located on the southeastern end of Kefalonia, around 35 km from Argostoli and 12 km away from Poros.
  • Antisamos Beach
    The island of Kefalonia attained special glamour and publicity because of the Hollywood production Captain Corelli's Mandolin...
  • Katelios Beach

    Katelios is a small fisher village close to Skala. The beach has great sand and clear waters.

  • Kaminia Beach
    Another beautiful beach with warm and shallow waters in southern Kefalonia awaits you.
  • Petani Beach

    “ePiETANI” is a word of Homer, meaning an area with abundant water throughout the year.

  • Platia Ammos Beach
    The Platia Ammos Beach is one of the few beaches in Kefalonia where one might not meet many people.
  • Makris Gialos Beach

    Within walking distance from the capital of Kefalonia is the beach Makris Gialos (Long Beach).

  • Platis Gialos Beach
    The natural extension of Makris Gialos is the Beach of Platis Gialos (Wide Beach).
  • Dafnoudi Beach
    Dafnoudi Beach is a hidden beach at the northernmost tip of Kefalonia. Leave your car...
  • Alaties Beach

    Alaties Beach (Salty Beach) is a fairly hidden and thus unknown beach, located in northwest of Kefalonia.

  • Agia Jerusalem Beach
    The beach of Agia (Saint) Jerusalem is very close to Fiskardo, in a small creek divided into two smaller ones by a big rock.
  • Foki Beach

    The Foki Beach is just next to Fiskardo, therefore it is easy accessible by walking. The name comes...

  • Agia Kyriaki Beach

    Just 2km from the village of Angon and 18km from Argostoli one will find the beach of Agia Kyriaki.

  • Agia Sofia Beach

    Along the east coastline, between Agia Euphemia and Fiskardo one can find several bays...

  • Chorgota Beach

    The beach became famous through the movie Captain Corelli's Mandolin with the name Pelagia Beach.

  • Agia Paraskevi Beach

    Along the coast from Sami towards Agia Euphemia one can find several bays for swimming...

  • Paliouras Beach
    Leaving from Sami and going to Antisamos one will find a small bay, Palioura.
  • Koutsoupia Beach
    The Koutsoupia Beach is a tropical beach and relatively unknown to the average visitor of Kefalonia. Located in a remote spot along the coast of Poros - Sami and is accessible only by sea.

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