• Lake Cavern of Melissani
    The Lake Cavern of Melissani is a unique geological phenomenon located 2km northwest of Sami.
  • Sinks
    The sinks in Kefalonia are one of the many geological attractions of Kefalonia...
  • Lighthouse of Agioi Theodoroi
    One of the most famous attractions in the area of Argostoli is the Lighthouse...
  • Cave of Drogarati
    The cave of Drogarati is a must see attraction of Kefalonia. Discovered nearly 300 years ago...
  • Castle of Assos
    Definetely one of the two castles which should not be missed out during your visit in Kefalonia...
  • Castle of Agios Georgios
    The castle of Agios Georgios (Saint George) is situated 5km away from Argostoli...
  • Cyclopean Walls of ancient Kranis
    The Cyclopean Walls outside the village of Razata, are ruins of the walls of th ancient city of Kranis...
  • Municipal Theatre of Argostoli Kefalos
    Municipal Theatre of Argostoli Kefalos
  • Italian War Memorial
    At the Lighthouse of Saint Theodoroi, up the hill stands the Italian War Memorial, dedicated to the Italian soldiers of the Division Aqui...
  • Mazarakata Tombs
    Five kilometers outside Argostoli and towards Pessada, you come across the Mazarakata Tombs, found in the early 20th century.
  • De Bosset Bridge
    The Swiss Charles-Philip De Bosset is the manufacturer of this project, which was the breath for residents of Argostoli and the villages of Kefalonia, the bridge De Bosset.
  • Bay & Port of Argostoli
    The bay of Argostoli is a wonderful natural landscape which is the main reason why the port in one of the most beautiful Mediterranean ports.
  • Koutavos
    Koutavos is the name of the lagoon, located south of the bay of Argostoli.
  • Church Evangelistria in the Castle
    The Church Evangelistria and spire are located in the Castle of Agios Georgios. The marble inscription found in this testifies that the church was built in 1580.
  • Archaeological Museum of Argostoli
    After the earthquake of 1953 which caused severe damage, the Archeological Museum of Argostoli was founded in 1957 and was completed in 1960.
  • Philharmonic School Lixouri
    During the period of 1834 to 1839 the Philharmonic School of Pallis was established by Peter I. Skarlatos in Lixouri.
  • Korgialenio History & Folklore Museum of Argostoli
    The museum is housed on the ground floor of the Korgialenios Library, a donation of Vangelis Typaldos Bassia.
  • Garden of Napier
    An attraction that offers peace and relaxation with the beauty of the visitor is the Garden of Napier.
  • Kosmetatou Mansion
    On the Rizospaston Avenue one of the few buildings not destroyed by the earthquake of 1953 stands still preserved. The Kosmetatou Mansion is...
  • Vaulted Mycenaean Tomb (Tzanata)
    In 1992 at the Broutzi ara of Tzanata another finding of the Mycenaean civilization was unearthed, by archaeologist Lazaros Column...
  • Cave Drakena
    Southeast of the island of Kefalonia, at the orge of Poros and at a height of 70 meters lies the Cave Drakena. It covers an area of around 90 square meters.

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