• Argostoli
    Capital of Kefalonia is the city of Argostoli. An attractive little city with a population of around 10,000 inhabitants.
  • Lixouri
    Lixouri is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece and the second largest city of Kefalonia.
  • Sami

    Sami is located on the east side of Kefalonia and is 22km away from the islands capital, Argostoli.

  • Assos
    In the northern part of Kefalonia lies a beautiful village, Assos, belonging to the municipality of Erisos.
  • Fiscardo
    Fiscardo is located in the north of Kefalonia. It is the best place to make day trips to Ithaca and Lefkada...
  • Agia Efimia
    Agia Efimia is a beautiful small fishing village and a picturesque harbour that attracts..
  • Poros
    Poros is the third port of Kefalonia and simultaneously a very pretty village which combines...
  • Skala
    Skala is located in the southern part of Kefalonia and is a relatively new village.
  • Zola

    In the western part of the island, north of the peninsula Paliki, alternatively on the mountain is the village of Zola.

  • Kourkoumelata
    One of the prettiest villages is Kourkoumelata. The village is 10 km from Argostoli, located in the southwestern part of the island.
  • Lassi
    Within walking distance from the beaches of Makris and Platis Gialos and just 1km from Argostoli...
  • Peratata
    Southwest of Kefalonia and 8 km from Argostoli is the traditional village Peratata.

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