Restaurant Familia   

Right where the ferry (route Sami-Astakos) moors, a sophisticated and stately place to enjoy a snack and your ouzo has opened its doors.

Friends and couples gather here this Summer. Imagination and passion is the secret!
As for the cuisine; exquisite appetizers to lick your fingers. The menu contains everything your appetite needs (fish-snack-roast, etc.) and can be enjoyed from 11 am to midnight exactly. In some time you can also enjoy your breakfast, as it will be added to the menu Familia.

The owner is Spiros Vagelatos! The chef Panagiotis creates delicious delicacies while smiling waitresses Katerina (in charge of the morning shift)-Stavroula-Lambrini and Thodora (responsible for the afternoon shift) serve you with enthusiasm and agility.

We recommend you try the eclectic menu. Stop in Sami, shortly after your bath in Antisamos beach and you will remember us!


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Contact information
Address38 Akti Miaouli, Sami
Tel.:  (+30) 693 7613637
Facebook: Facebook Page

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