The Myrtos Beach is the trademark of Kefalonia. There is not one person in the world... Read more
The Xi (or Ksi) Beach is another well-known and at the same time beautiful beach of Kefalonia, located 8 km... Read more
Skala is located on the southeastern end of Kefalonia, around 35 km from Argostoli and 12 km away from Poros... Read more
The island of Kefalonia attained special glamour and publicity because of the Hollywood production Captain Corelli's Mandolin... Read more

Katelios is a small fisher village close to Skala. The beach has great sand and clear waters...

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Another beautiful beach with warm and shallow waters in southern Kefalonia awaits you... Read more

“ePiETANI” is a word of Homer, meaning an area with abundant water throughout the year...

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The Platia Ammos Beach is one of the few beaches in Kefalonia where one might not meet many people...
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Within walking distance from the capital of Kefalonia is the beach Makris Gialos (Long Beach)...

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The natural extension of Makris Gialos is the Beach of Platis Gialos (Wide Beach)... Read more
Dafnoudi Beach is a hidden beach at the northernmost tip of Kefalonia. Leave your car... Read more

Alaties Beach (Salty Beach) is a fairly hidden and thus unknown beach, located in northwest of Kefalonia...

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The beach of Agia (Saint) Jerusalem is very close to Fiskardo, in a small creek divided into two smaller ones by a big rock...
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The Foki Beach is just next to Fiskardo, therefore it is easy accessible by walking. The name comes...

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Just 2km from the village of Angon and 18km from Argostoli one will find the beach of Agia Kyriaki...

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Along the east coastline, between Agia Euphemia and Fiskardo one can find several bays...

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The beach became famous through the movie Captain Corelli's Mandolin with the name Pelagia Beach...

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Near the village Thiramonas shortly after Lourdhata village there is the beach of Koroni. The sandy beach is ideal for those who prefer to enjoy swimming... Read more
Spartia beach is known for its warm shallow waters and is ideal for families. The rocks that are there attract fans of fishing... Read more
Near the port of Poros under the square of the village, there is a large beautiful beach with sand, deckchairs and umbrellas... Read more
The Koutsoupia Beach is a tropical beach and relatively unknown to the average visitor of Kefalonia. Located in a remote spot along the coast of Poros - Sami and is accessible only by sea... Read more
Leaving from Sami and going to Antisamos one will find a small bay, Palioura... Read more
Just 4 km from Argostoli there are three beaches with crystal clear waters. Near to the airport of the island... Read more

Along the coast from Sami towards Agia Euphemia one can find several bays for swimming...

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Klimatsias is a small beach near the village Spartia. This sandy beach is surrounded by high cliffs which make it suitable for children as it is windless... Read more
Nine kilometers from Argostoli, within a walking distance from the airport, you are going to swim in the bay Ammes watching the planes flying overhead... Read more
Just 1.5 km from the village Fiskardo is located the cosmopolitan beach Emplisi. This small pebble beach has no winds but deep waters... Read more
Turkopodaro beach took that name because of its shape. There is a strip of sand leading to a rock... Read more
The beach Atheras is located in the namesake village. It can be characterized as a quiet beach situated in the peninsula of Palliki... Read more
The Mega Lakos beach stands out as the Xi beach for the red sand. It is a beach with shallow crystal clear waters... Read more
Trapezaki beach is situated near the Moussata village. This is the perfect beach for those... Read more
The Ai Helis beach is an organized long beach with umbrellas and sunbeds. It is located in the south of Kefalonia near Svoranata village... Read more
Fanari beach is near Katavothres of Kefalonia and it is suitable for children... Read more
Next to the cosmopolitan beach of Makris Gialos, in Lassi area is the small beach of Gradakia... Read more
Between the villages Havriata and Chavdata is the Lagadakia beach... Read more
In the west part of Kefalonia, 36 km away from Argostoli, you will find the Assos beach... Read more
The Lepeda beach is at the south of Lixouri, 2 km away. It is a sandy beach with red sand and crystal clear waters... Read more
Maistrato beach is located beneath the pine forest of Argostoli and next to a small marina... Read more
The Kounopetra beach is located to Palliki peninsula. The beach has red sand and clay and has a rock... Read more
The sandy beaches of Agios Thomas are near the Karavados village. The beaches were named by the homonymous chapel... Read more
The beach of Avithos is located close to the village of Kaligata and in a distance of 10 km from Argostoli... Read more
Lourdas beach is located at Lourdata village just 15 km from Argostoli... Read more
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